About Our Center
This research center was founded by late Smt. Meera Shangloo but the seed of this research center was sown long back in 1928 by late Dr.Parmeshwar Nath Shangloo in 1928. He was a homeopathic graduate from Calcutta. He had completed his Mb i.e. the bachelor's degree in homeopath. In his time he was also the general secretary of the Lal Bahahadur Shastri medical college at allahabad and served homeopath whole of his life.He was a staunch follower of Samuel Hahnemann who was the founder of this great science of homeopath and prescribed one medicine at a time according to the principles of homoeopathy.He with his great efforts made homeopath known to the people of allahabad and India had cured many of the so called surgical cases with the help of homeopathic medicines, which were considered to be curable through surgery.He left for the heavenly abode in 1973 and made his son Dr.G.K.Shangloo the successor of the great art of healing i.e. homeopathy. Dr.G.K.Shangloo who was himself a graduate in homeopathy from Lalbahadur Shastari Homoeopathic medical college in 1973 . He is working in the field of homeopathy since then and had cured many of the incurable cases like ostrogenesis imperfect, etc., through Homeopathic medicines.

He had also cured many of the surgical cases likes gall stones, renal stones, uterine fibroid, brain tumor, leucoderma, through homeopathy.

He had been congratulated by the world health organization for successfully curing four cases of incurable bone disease osteogenesis imperfect and a cash award by the faculty of homeopathy, royal London homeopathic hospital England.

Dr.GK.Shangloo is still practicing and is 59 years of age now with his vast experience in homeopathy he had cured many of the diagnosed surgical cases successfully through homeopathy.

He was assisted by his wife late Smt. Meera Shangloo who was very much devoted to homeopathy .She died at an early age of 45 years but being the inspiration for his husband and the two sons she during her life time had laid the foundation stone of Meera Shangloo homoeopathic research on 8th of February 1998.

He is assisted by his two sons Dr.Sharad Shangloo and Dr.Sunit Shangloo who hold the Bachelor's degree in homeopathy from the university of rajasthan jaipur.

Aims and Objectives.
  • To provide patients with safe and side affect free homeopathic treatment and to build a healthy world.
  • To treat difficult and incurable decease's successfully through homeopathy and to prove that homeopathy can play a major role in treating many of the so called incurable diseases.
  • To cure many of the surgical diseases like brain tumor uterine fibroid and gall stone renal stone through homeopathy.
  • To furnish people with the proof about the role of homeopathy in treating surgical and incurable diseases.
  • To educate people about homeopathy and its utilities and to counter the myths spread against homeopathy.
  • To educate the people about the side effects and the ill effects of allopathic drugs.
  • To advocate the use of single homeopathic medicine at one time to cure a particular case.
  • To discard the use of homeopathic complexes and to promote hahnemanian Homeopathy.
  • To educate the people in general about the ill effects of getting the renal stones, gall stones and uterine fibroid operated.

Dr. G.K. Shangloo
B SC, B.M.S D.Sc. (Colombo)

Designation - Chairman
Awards and Honors
  • Ex -President of Homoepathic Scientific Society Allahabad.
  • Discovered the cure to Incurable bone disease'Osteogenesis Imperfecta 'through Homoeopathy.
  • Congratulated by the W.H.O for curing cases of Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
  • Awarded by the Faculty of Homoeopathy -England.
  • Presented many research papers in National and International conferences in India and abroad.
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    Dr. Sharad Shangloo
    B.H.M.S University of Rajasthan (Jaipur)
    Designation - Managing Director
    Awards and Honors
  • Presented the paper on 'Homoeopathic Concept of Cancer Management 'at Amla Cancer Hospital Tichur Kerala India.- 29th Nov 1997.
  • Published an article in the the conference of Research Society Of Homoeopathy held in KATHMANDU Nepal -Feb 2001
  • Wrote many articles in various journal and newspapers on dangerous side effects of Hepatitis -B vaccination.
  • Presented the paper on role of 'Homoeopathy in Renal Stone Management' at the 13th International Homoeopathic Conference OF Asian Homoeopathic Medical League held at Kota Bharu MalaysiaAwarded ' The Star of Excellence' by the Faculty of Homoeopathy Malaysia 7th September 2002
  • Awarded the honorary 'M.F.Hom for the valuable contributions in the field of Homoeopathy by the faculty of Homoeopathy Malaysia 7th September 2002
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    Dr. Sunit Shangloo
    B.H.M.S University of Rajasthan (Jaipur), India
    Designation - Managing Director
    Awards and Honors
  • Presented the research paper on 'Homeopathic Can Cure Diseases Like Cancer and Aids- sep.2001
  • Awarded ' The Star of Excellence' by the Faculty of Homoeopathy Malaysia.
  • Received the excellent speaker award in Jamshedpur.
  • Presented research paper on 'Role of Homoeopathy in Renal stone and its treatment' in Jamshedpur September 2002.
  • Presented Research paper on Uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst and its treatment in Homoeopathic conferance held in Calcutta May 2003.
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    Shivanee Shangloo
    Designation - Chairperson Women's wing Head of Record keeping Section
    Awards and Honors

    Smriti Shangloo
    Designation - Head of Accounts Section & Financial Manager.
    Awards and Honors