Non Surgical Homeopathically Cured Cases of
Brain Tumor

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Sl. No. Name Age Result Disease
1 Brijesh Kumar 24 Brain Tumor -cured Ct scan 0.91cm cm tumor seen cured
2 Madran Ali 60 Brain Tumor -Cured  Pineal body calcification present
Rest normal scan.
3 Mohd Akram 22 Brain tumour C.T Morphology Inflamm,atory Granuloma - Neurocysticercosis.
NC + CECT.Scan of Head
Supratentorial cuts - Ring enhancing lesion of diameter 9mm with eccentric dot
and perifocal Oedemais seen in Rt high fronto-parietal region.
4 Adarsh raj 7 Brain tumur & obstruction-Cured

IMP- Adueductal stenosis with obstructive hydrocephalus

5 Quasim Ahmed 37 Cured Right Acoustic neurinoma
6 Saurabh 10 Cured Tuberculoma right thalamic rerion.
7 Nidhi Pandey 20 Improved Small Calcified Granuloma.
8 Suman 21 Brain Tumour-Improved Nodular calcified lesion approx size 6x9 mm seen in Rt higher parietal region
Imp- Nodular calcified lesion approx size 6x9 mm seen in Rt higher parietal region ? Inflammatory granuloma /Healed granuloma
Came to know in year 99 scan that time not giving the size
9 Kiran Bala 52 Brain Tumor-Improved Scan dated 14/6/10 Large focal space occupying lesion 89x57 mm
Rt parieto occipito temporal lobe?
10 Aditya 5 Brain atumour-Improved A pin head calcified lesion with mild discoid enhancement with mild perifocal oedema is present in Lt frontal region.
IMP- Inflammatory calcified Granuloma.
11 Anuj kumar 9


A ring like enhancing lesion (1.0 cm) with perifocal oedema is present in left parietal region.

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