Non Surgical Homeopathically Cured Cases of
Uterine Fibroid & Ovarian Cyst

List of Cases
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Sl. No. Name Age Result Disease
1 Shashi Mishra 32 Normal Scan
2 Roopa 35 Normal in size ,shape  and echo pattern , endometrium central cavity clear.
3 Meera 45 Appears Normal in Size and Echopattern. No Focal Myometrial Lesion Apparent. Cavity Appears Normal.
4 Indu Vishwakarma 19 Liver ,Gall Bladder ,Pancreas ,Spleen & Both Kidneys are Normal.
5 Sanyogita Devi 43 Hepatomegaly With Fatty Changes.
6 Sandhya Singh 36 The Scan is Suggestive of- Mild Hepatosplenomegaly With Lt Ovarian Cyst ? Endometrioma
7 Maya Sharma 20 Normal
8 Asha 32 Cured Cholelithiasis.
9 Husna 32 Cured Normal scan.
10 Manju 42 Cured Uterus is anteverted in position & bulky in size.
11 Lakshmi 34 Cured Uterus anteverted in position and normal in size.No focal lesion is seen. Both adnexa are normal.
12 Ummesara 35 Cured Normal in size, shape &echopattern measures : 52.4x29.0 mm. Cavity central & clear.No obvious focal myometrial mass lesion seen.
13 Geeta Pal 30 Cured Both Ovaries are Visualized. Normal size, shape & echotexture. No Free fluid seen in P.O.D.
14 Shashi Mishra 32 Cured

Normal in Size (4.3x3.2x4.4 cm Vol- 33.4 ml.), Shape & Echopattern. Endometrial echoes are Normal in Thickness.Multiple Nabothian cysts are noted.

Bilateral Ovaries are Normal.

RO- 3.3X1.6X3.3 CM Vol- 9.76 ml.

LO- 3.4X1.5X3.4 CM Vol- 9.70 ml.

Both adnexa are Normal. 

15 Indu Vishwakarma 19 Cured Anteverted in Position & Normal in Size about 6.6 cm Length. Central Echoes is Normal No Focal  Lesion Present. Both Ovaries are Normal in Size, Shape and Position No Dominant Follicle Seen.
16 Sanyogita Devi 43 Cured Uterus & Right Ovary Absent. Left Ovary Normal with Small Simple Cyst.
17 Roopa 38 Cured Normal in Size, Shape & Echopattern. Endometrium Central Cavity Clear.
18 Sandhya Singh 38 Cured A Cyst of Size 41x39 mm With Internal Echoes Seen in Lt Ovary. Rt Ovary is Normal.
19 Meena Devi 32 Cured Normal in Size and Echotexture. Shows a Calcules of 5.3 mm in Lower Calyx. No Hydronephrosis or Mass Lesion Seen. Cortico Medullary Diffierentiations are Well Maintained.A Cyst of 25x24 mm Seen in Left Ovary.
20 Maya Sharma 20 Cured Anteverted in Shape. Echopattern is Normal. Cavity is Clear. Uterus Size is Normal Measures 66x23 mm Endometrial Thickness Measures 4.2 mm
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