Non Surgical Homeopathically Cured Cases of
Uterine Fibroid & Ovarian Cyst

List of Cases
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Sl. No. Name Age Medicine Result Disease
1 Malti Sharma 40 years Pulsatilla
Nabothiabn cyst of 20mm in cervix. A soft tissue mass 40*33 mm is seen in uterine cavity.
2 Manju Mishra 28 years Phosphorus
Cured Cervix is 3.8cm, shows hyper-echoic area of size .8*1.8*1.7cm cervical polyp with P.I.D.
3 Sushma 13 years Pulsatilla
Cured Right ovary shows a cyst of 27*22mm.
4 Malti 25 years Aurum mur natronatum
Cured Enlarged uterus- cyst of 5.4*5.4cm in pouch of douglas with thick wall 6mm. Small septae also seen
5 Tarkeshwari Devi 62 years Cured Calcified fibroid 2.5cm with mild
pericardial effusion
6 Manju Srivastava 50 years Cured Fibroid -20*17*15mm
7 Vimma 30 years Cured with Pregnancy Fibroid 3.45*2.15cm in fundal region
8 Pratibha Pandey 36 years Cured Uterus bulky. Myometrium shows two small hypo-echoic S.O.L. anterior wall 19*13mm and posterior wall 21*17mm.
9 Savita 38 years Cured Left adnexal cyst sise-3.2cm.
10 Rani 37 years Cured Bulky uterus size-8.59*3.42*5.13cm Foreign body of size2.25cm B/L Nephrolithiasis
11 Gyatri Devi 40 years Cured Uterus bulky in size- 96*54mm
Mass - 23*16mm with small fluid
12 Gauri 19 years Cured Bulky uterus with fluid filled cavity of 11mm
13 Saroj 29 years Cured Left T.O. mass- solid
size- 4.8*3.9*3.4cm
14 Musharrat 25 years Cured Right adnexa shows a solid cystic mass of 78*56mm
15 Uma Singh Cured Enlarged Uterus with large uterine Fibromyoma
16 Mamta 34 years Cured Lft ovarian mass 7.1*3.3*3.2cm
17 Kumari Devi 50 years Cured Uterine Fibroid-41.2*35mm
Cholecystitis with cholelithiasis
18 Manju Srivastava 48 years Cured Large cystic left ovary- 38*30*29mm
19 Shahnaz Begum 45 years Cured Two cyst on posterior wall of uterus size-9-10mm
20 Anita Cured Right ovary cyst of 30*33mm
21 Khushroshan Cured Nabothian cyst of 13mm
22 Gazala Parveen 33 years Cured Bulky Uterus with large cystic left ovary size-5.2*4.8*3.2cm
23 Rukamani Devi 20 years Cured Right ovary cyst of 24mm
24 Wasifa Bano 42 years Cured Uterus mildly enlarged.
Mass size- 3.7*4.2cm
25 Malti Singh 45 years Cured G.B- Multiple calculi of varying size. Wall Is thickned.
Uterus bulky in size. Atevrted in position well defined hypo-echoic lesion of size 2.3*1.7cm seen in anterior wall.
26 Shehnaz 42 years Cured Bulky uterus
27 Shashi 22 years Cured Right adnexal mass38*87mm
28 Prema srivastava 45 years Cured Uterine fibroid-2.2*2cm
29 Nazama 35 years Cured A sub serosal fibroid of 62*51mm seen in left lateral portion in fundal region
30 Preeti 35 years Cured Left ovarian cyst 35*43mm well defined.
31 Sabeen 25 years Cured Left ovary-21*21mm thin and smooth walled cyst.
32 Saroj Devi Fibroid Cured
Marked improvement in Gall stone
Cholelithisais- Multiple stones of 4-8mmUterine fibroid 1.7cm on posterior surface of uterus
33 Shakuntala Devi 36 years Improvement Uterus bulky shows multiple hyper-echoic small area? Myomas in fundus of the
uterus size of largest mass is 8mm in diameter.
34 Tabassum 35 years Improvement A large adenomyoma on posterior wall of uterus size- 9.43*9.32*8.87cm
35 Asma 22 years Improvement Bulky uterus- 9.8*3.3cm. A left ovary- solid mass of 11.2*6.7cm Small amount of free fluid.
36 Rehena 45 years Improvement Right ovary cyst of 26mm
Left ovary a large solid mass size could not be scanned in toto in a single frame.
37 Shahar Bano 32 years Improvement Fibromyoma- Bulky uterus.
3 indiscrete solid S.O.L. of 28 to 34mm
38 Anju Lata 33 years Improvement Bulky uterus with fibroid-
39 Naznin 35 years Improvement Hepatospleenomegaly
Bulky Uterus with multiple fibroid.
40 Tanu 20 years Improvement Spleenomegaly. Left ovary - Multiple loculated cyst of 44*35mm
41 Maimunnissa 26 years Improvement Left ovary cyst- 112*88mm
42 Mamta 29 years Improvement Multiple S.O.L.S. size-18*17mm
to 59*57mm uterus distorted due to pressure effect.
43 Asha Devi 43 years Improvement Bulky uterus-size-10.6*7.0*8.2cm
44 Mithilesh Devi 42 years Improvement Bulky uterus- 9.4*5.1cm.
Focal lesion- 22*17mm
45 Sheeba 30 years Improvement Bulky uterus with fibroid of 10mm
46 Shama Parveen 30 years Improvement
Aurum mur Natronatum
Fibroid Uterus-30*27mm in the body of uterus in posterior wall and another similar lession in anterior wall
47 Sunita Tripathi 40 years Improvement Fibroid uterus- size- 30*27mm in body of uterus in posterior wall and another similar lession in anterior wall.
48 Shabnam 25 years Improvement Left Adnexve a complete mass of 58 x 51 mm.
49 Tahira Sahar Bano 35 years Cured Right Adnexoe shows about 57 x 48 mm cystic lesion with multiple internal echoes
50 Kanchan Kesharwani 28 years Cured
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