Application Form 2009
Now accepting applications for all clinic dates.
Deadlines for applications are as follows:
Course Starts from 1st of Every Month
Duration of Course
Basic Course – 1month
Advance Course – 2 months
Research Course – 3months .
with 1 month in U.S.A with Dr. Kate Birch
Minneapolis Minnesota USA

Homeopaths International:
Kate Birch, 212 Third Ave N. Suite 425 Minneapolis MN, 55401
Phone 612-701-0629
Fax 612-338-6699

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Application due: 15 Days before the beginning of Course
  • There is a maximum of two participants per clinic.
  • Applicants must have at least the first year student of B.H.M.S for the basic course , 3rd year of B.H.M.S or D.H.MS TO THE Final year , Intern or Homeopathic Practitioner for the advance and research course.
  • Applicants will be notified within 15 days of application of their acceptance. One or two approved applicants will be placed on a reserve list if another applicant is unable to make up.
  • Rs. 2500 non-refundable deposit is due within 10 days of notification of acceptance of application.
  • Complete itinerary, for whole of the course will be provided to participants after receipt of deposit.
Brought to you by: The Meera Shangloo Research Center and Homeopaths International: connecting homeopaths with clinics around the world.
Contact: Dr.Sunit Shangloo or email Or call 9935210498 for more information.
Applications and more information can be downloaded directly from the following website under clinical training in India:

Dr. G. K. Shangloo, Dr. Sharad Shangloo, and Dr. Sunit Shangloo cordially invite you to visit their research center to experience the depth of homeopathic practice in India as they have established it. Dr Sharad Shangloo will be your host and main contact person during your stay. This research center, located in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, was founded in the name of the late Smt. Meera Shangloo but the seed of this research center was sown in 1967 by the late Dr. Parmeshwar Nath Shangloo, homeopathic graduate from Calcutta University. Through his great efforts The late Dr. P. N. Shangloo made homeopathy known to the people of Allahabad and India as he cured many surgical cases with the use of homeopathic medicines which were considered only to be curable through surgery. In 1973 his son, Dr. G.K. Shangloo, who graduated from the Lalbahadur Shastari Homoeopathic Medical College, became the successor to the practice. Dr. G.K. Shangloo is accompanied by his two sons, Dr. Sharad Shangloo and Dr. Sunit Shangloo, who hold Bachelor degrees in homeopathy from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The three generations of homeopaths have 77 years of combined clinical experience in practice. Now, they currently treat over 100 patients a day. Through the use of classical homeopathy and the intercurrent use of indicated nosodes, the Shangloo practice has found a near 90% success rate in the treatment of uterine fibroids, brain tumors, and renal and gall stones

Clinical Experience
Clinical supervision in the Meera Shangloo Research Center offers a unique opportunity to homeopaths to gain a wealth of clinical experience through treating a wide variety of conditions and diseases with homeopathy. Through working along side each of the three Doctors, participants will have the opportunity to work in direct contact with patients in all parts of case taking, documentation, case analysis, prescriptions, and pharmacy. Participants will gain 35 hours of clinical experience during their stay. A certificate of hours will be presented upon completion.

Basic Course Rs 3000/- Indian ( Three thousand Rupees )
Advance Course -10, 000/- Indian ( Ten thousand Rupees )
Research Course- Depends on the Cost of the US Dollar. Changeable all the time.

Basic Course

The four weeks of Clinical training include one week of training in case taking , Case analysis , patient interaction all the time

Timeings:- 10:00A.M to 1:00P.M
Course Duration - 1Month .

The campus Is vie fie .and you can bring your own laptop. If you do not have a laptop we will provide our desktop for your training without any extra cost.


Features Hompath Classic 8.0
CDs Single CD
Modules 4 Modules
Repertories 20 Repertories
Books 200+
Classic Module
Patient Management System
Case Analysis
Links Tresorie
Hompath Assist
Materia Medica Live
Materia Medica Elite
Cure 1
Cure 2
Cure 3
Cure 4 - Spiders
Cure 5- SSRH

The Classic Premium Collection comes with 14 informative modules, which assist the Practitioner to arrive at a Similimum in the minimum possible time.
14 Modules
Classic Patient Management System Archives
HomUtil Case Analysis Hompath Assist
Tresorie Links Tresorie Cure 1
Cure 2 Miasms Pharmacy
Materia Medica Live Materia Medica Elite  

Classic - Complete Repertorisation Module.

It is a fast and efficient repertorisation module with 29 repertories including Complete Repertory, Kent, Boericke, Boenninghausen Clarke,Special Repertories, etc.
The unique features of Classic include :
  • Quick Repertorisation - the instant repertorisation
  • Converting Materia Medica to Repertory,Symptom forwarding,creating customized repertory etc.
  • Fast, intelligent and powerful search through the entire database of repertories, Materia Medica, books, journal articles, etc.
  • Large number of smart, intelligent and practical Repertorisation strategies.
  • Remedy Analysis by kingdoms and group remedy analysis
Patient Management System - Efficient Patient manager
Most complete Multi-Physician password protected Patient Management System with detailed case record under different categories, follow-ups, personal details along with video, audio and image inclusion option etc. Printing option of all data entered by you along with your clinic details. Auto backup feature gives you full mental peace from loss of patient data.
Graphical and Statistical Analysis of all your treated cases is also possible.
Patient Instructions of over 200 common diseases apart from customized Patient Record printing.

Archives - Practitioners Personal treasure chest of knowledge.
The Archives module has a collection of over 270+ books on various subjects like Materia Medica, Philosophy, Therapeutics, Regional Therapeutics, Clinical, Drug Pictures and Pharmacy. You can make use of the powerful search facility to search for any one word or combination in a matter of seconds and open the respective occurrences.

HomUtil - Academic module making learning a pleasure.
The Utilities module has features, which make learning a pleasurable experience for Practitioners and students alike.
It has Group Symptoms, therapeutics, prophylactic medicines, mother tinctures, question sets of all subjects, cross references and word meaning modules.

Case Analysis - Customised analysis based on queries you select.
The Complete Analysis module where you can get analysis your patient's follow-up, diagnosis, statistical analysis including Graphical views.

Hompath Assist - Keeps a track of the Practitioners Schedule.
The Hompath Assist is your personal organizer. It has a Scheduler where you can fix your appointments and schedules. There is also an address book where you can store your Personal and Professional Contacts. You can use the 'Bills n More' to keep track of your accounts and Print bills and certificates for your patients.

Tresorie- A unique compilation of articles.
The Tresorie module has a compilation of over 4000 articles based on practical, clinical and homoeopathic experiences of many generations of Homoeopaths, as published in various journals. Easy search based on author, article, remedy, etc. You can also have your favourite articles marked for future reference.

Links Tresorie - A Collectors module.
It is a compilation of articles from 'International Homoeopathic Links' from the year 1987 to 2000. You can search for any article based on topic, subject, author,remedy or volume of your choice. This module comes with interesting features like changing of fonts, colour, size etc. This is a Collectors Item.

CURE 1 is a marvelous presentation of cured cases by our homoeopathic stalwarts plus it also gives the vast knowledge regarding Materia Medica, Philosophy & Pharmacy. An experience unlimited in 1500 power point slides.

Cure 2
50 plus cured cases on Power point slides for easy understanding for the students / practitioners of Homeopathy by various doctors, showing their approach. It creates the interest and confidence in practicing homoeopathy based on guidance given by many leading practitioners.

Complete and Deeper understanding of Miasms - Psora, Sycosis, Tubercular, Syphilitic Miasms with interesting Cases and practical examples by Dr. Jawahar Shah.

40 Chapters of detailed information covering entire syllabus of pharmacy in easy powerpoint presentation inculding M.C.Qs for Quick Reference.

Materia Medica Live - A work of Science with a Touch of Art.
The world's first Homoeopathic Multimedia CD where 22 remedies come alive in front of you. It is a work of science with a touch of art.
Includes remedies like Agaricus, Cannabis Indica, Germanium, Moschus, Opium, Palladium, Platina,Selenium, Stramonium, Tarentula Hispanica, Veratrum Album, Medorrhinum etc.

Materia Medica Elite- An elite compilation of Remedies.
A new exclusive and invaluable tool for Homoeopaths. Incorporates multimedia presentation of 31 important remedies. Provides Complete Materia Medica, Drug Pictures, Keynotes, Drug Properties and Powerpoint presentations.
Advanced Course
Timeings:-10:00A.M to 1:00P.M

Course Duration - 2Months

The campus Is vie fie .and you can bring your own laptop. If you do not have a laptop we will provide our desktop for your training without any extra cost.

Includes all the modules of the Basic Course plus

version 10 Homoeopathic Software from Belgium
Radar 10 offers a great leap forward by giving easier access to more information than ever. It comes with the "Synthesis Treasure Edition". Here are the features of this new Radar version:
  • The Concepts Finder
    Translate the language of your patient into the language of the Repertory. Use the Concepts Finder to add symptoms to your repertorization.
  • Radar Free Notes
    Download the latest seminar notes, videos, ... Upload your personal notes to exchange with other homeopaths.
  • Live Update
    Automaticaclly upgrades you, free of chanrge, to Radar program updates, Synthesis Update Logfiles, Free Notes, etc.
  • Improved Multimedia
    200 new remedy pictures and 205 new sound clips. Visualize more remedies than ever before, listen to masters in homeopathy.
  • Improved families functions
    Limit your analysis by selecting from different family groups or create your own groups.
  • Luc De Schepper module
    Select the most important symptoms of your patient into the pyramid of Dr. Luc and differentiate remedies on the basis of the core delusion.
  • Ewald Stöteler module
    Offers a new method for homoeopathic analysis and practice, using Hahnemann’s classification of diseases.
  • Two miasmatic approaches
    The miasmatic analysis following Dr. Giampietro (Argentina) can be used with Radar 10 and Synthesis 9.2. Also, Sankaran's miasmatic database has been updated for optimal use within Radar 10.
  • Two new clinical files
    Radar 10 links to KENBO and to HomeoPlus, 2 clinical practice management files.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements
    Right mouse click on any remedy abbreviation in the repertory screen, now offers a choice of shortcuts, etc.
Encyclopaedia Homeopathica
The first true Encyclopedia of Homeopathy
Imagine stepping into a huge Homeopathic Library, and being able to find any symptom, or get an answer to any question you have in seconds. With the birth of Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH), the promise of homeopathic materia medica software programs has been realized.

Homeopaths around the world were stunned with the first release. "This is the Materia Medica program we've been waiting for" has been the overwhelming response. This review from the British Homoeopathic Journal is one example.

With dazzling speed, EH searches through hundreds of thousands of pages of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Journals, Homeopathic Philosophy and cured Cases. Its easy, powerful search engine lets you work with an entire Homeopathic Library, many shelves full of books, as if you were a long time experienced Homeopath.

EH reduces the time you need to search in books to a minimum and increases your success to a maximum.

Current owners of RADAR, please note that this is not an upgrade for ExLibris. Encyclopedia Homeopathica is a completely new program and can operate independently of RADAR Homeopathic Software. EH is a second-generation Materia Medica program, which has evolved far beyond the capabilities of ExLibris, our previous Materia Medica program. A comparative table will clarify this for all those who have been using ExLibris.

Synthesis for Radar

The repertory you trust ... for RADAR
SYNTHESIS the basis for RADAR for more than 25 years now. Teachers, practitioners, students ... all over the world are using SYNTHESIS for RADAR in their daily work. Why? There are lots of good reasons:
  • Highly reliable
  • Every source is just one mouseclick away
  • Jump to cross-references and synonyms
  • Filter the information you don't want to see and use
  • Integrated timeline - stick to the classical authors on mouseclick
  • Integrate your own additions - very easy
  • Stay up-to-date by live-update - if you want to
Get an idea about all the features, the background, the history and the future of SYNTHESIS on the following pages.

As good as a book may be, it can never meet the objectives of being easily indexed, highly cross-referenced, and quickly updateable. By utilizing the power of the computer it becomes possible to meet these objectives.

Yet, great skill and knowledge must be incorporated into the software program for the user to achieve quick and accurate results. To function on a higher level, the program must begin to think like the person, with the ability to easily cross-reference data with a distinct level of intelligence.

Although Synthesis as a book is outstanding, the real power and heart of Synthesis rests in its ability to be tailored to the needs and discretion of the individual Homeopath. It is in the computerized version of Synthesis that this work meets this objective, and then exceeds it.

To unleash the total power of Synthesis, a highly flexible database has been coupled with a very powerful, yet efficient search engine. To further tailor it to the needs of the individual, flexibility has been designed into the program to enable it to be edited by the user.

Additionally, with the ability to incorporate updates via the Internet, it is now possible to stay current with the newest information available in the Homeopathic community

Repertorium Universale (by Roger van Zandvoort)

Profiling Criteria for Complete / Millenium Repertory
  • MILLENNIUM the largest Kentian style repertory.
  • Numerous additions available.
  • Many corrections in text and remedies.
  • All remedies from sub-rubrics represented in the main rubric and all remedies and rubrics of the specific pains taken into the general pain rubrics.
  • Extensive use of cross-references and references to lead you to the correct places in the repertory.
  • Includes all the material from Boenninghausen's clinical practice.
  • leading to 50.000 additions of which 50 % clinically confirmed.
  • Includes Dreams in the Mind section, a new section for Speech & Voice and a thematic section by J.A. Mirilli.
Profiling Criteria for Repertorium Universale

  • The ultimate repertory when it comes to clinical confirmation and Kentian, Boenninghausian and Bogerian style repertorization.
  • All of Boenninghausen and Boger's generalized rubrics are included.
  • Uses Boenninghausen's more detailed grading system.
  • Easily recognizable new division of the main rubrics, enabling one to quickly use all new information
  • All generalized rubrics updated with all Boenninghausen and Boger provings and confirmations. (Except for the very latest provings.)
  • Repertorium Universale enables you to find unique information formerly undefined in our Homeopathic literature.
  • Repertorium Universale has all the Complete Repertory/Millennium information included in it, with 6 additional rubric types offered.
Profiling criteria for the Complete repertories

  Complete Basic Compete 2001 / RU I Complete 2005 / RU V
No. of rubrics with remedies 141418 151316 158437
No. of remedies 1650 1656 1816
No. of references and cross-references 1419 114127 132017
No. of autohor references 1108046 1119273 2217840
No. of remedy occurrences 1079760 1294251 1536953
grade 1 141418 1008504 1072622
grade 2 180689 223834 22972
grade 3 47077 61219 302070
grade 4 562 685 139180
No. of additions clinically verified (grade 2, 3, 4 or 3, 4) 228328 285738 441250
Clinically verified 21.10 % 22.10 % 30.28 %
In R.U. grade four is grade three in the other repertories, grade three in R.U. is grade two in the other repertories. Grade two R.U. is non-existent in the other repertories (Boenninghausen's grade two means mentioned by two or more provers but no clinical confirmation)
Average number of remedies per rubric 9.5 8.55 9.7
Amount of hours of work: 13 years full time, 9 years part time, with many people involved.

The following criteria are for Universale
Number of original authors 424
Number of repertories used 57
Number of pre-1904 authors 107

Example rubrics for rule one:
Remedies from subrubrics should always be added to the main rubric.
Kent; Cough; paroxysmal: No ant-t. Here, although the remedy appears in three or more subrubrics in R.U., same for Apis, Aral., Choc., Grat., Mosch., Rhus-t.

Kent; Extremities; Pain; burning; foot: No Canth. Here, although the remedy appears in three or more subrubrics in R.U., same for Bros-g., Carb-v., Fl-ac., Helo., Hura, Hydrog.,Iign., Kali-n., Mag-m., Mangi., Mur-ac., Nat-p., Neon, Ol-an., Tarent.,

Example case for rule one:
Case 6. A lady pregnant with her fourth child. She complained of a painful stiffness and a sensation of swelling and weakness in her left leg, which continued to some extent during pregnancy. Hamamelis gave her prompt relief and there was no return of the problem after confinement.

In Kent; Extremities; swelling; lower limbs, Ham. Is absent. It is found though in the sub-rubric 'under thighs'. Had the remedy been updated to the main rubric here (i.e. lower limbs) the rubric would have been useful.

Example case for rule two:
Rubrics and remedies from specific pain subrubrics should also appear in the general pain subrubrics of that specific section.

American Homeopathic Review, June - July, 1860, page 412. "Curative Effect of Hamamelis," by L.M. Kenyon, M.D., Buffalo, N.Y.

Perhaps the following case, showing the curative effect of Hamamelis virginica, may be interesting to your readers.

Mary F., aged fourteen years, has always enjoyed tolerable health until within the last eighteen months, when she menstruated for the first time. There was considerable pain in the head and back for several days preceding it, accompanied by nausea, vertigo, etc. I gave her Hamamelis sixth and thirtieth dilutions in alternation, two doses of each in twenty-four hours;which was all the medicine she got during the month following, except a few doses of Arsenicum for the dyspnea when it was troublesome. When the next month came round, she menstruated regularly and had no more bleeding; and from this time, she went on rapidly to a perfect recovery, using no other remedy but Hamamelis.

In Kent: Head; pain; menses; before Ham. Is not found. But it is found in Kent; Head; pain; bursting; menses; before. By adding the general pain rubric, you have extra information to solve this case, since there is no mentioning of bursting pain.

Clinical case of Sciatica by C.M. Boger

from C.M. Boger, Collected Writings
Edited by Robert Bannan

Mrs. J.K. aet. 42. For six weeks has had stiffness and aching in lumbar region on rising or sitting down. Now confined to bed by throbbing, quivering, soreness, numbness and shooting pains down right sciatic nerve to foot, which feels as if she were stepping on a ???? and the thigh as if lying on rocks; pains agg. on outside of thigh. Aching in right calf on standing and right sole burns.

Menses profuse, with backache and hydroae or aphthae. Leucorrhea causes itching. Sleeps in catnaps.
Easy fatigue in hot weather.
Thirsty. No appetite.
Nervous, weepy, and restless.
Hot flashes.
Aggravation: Morning and evening. Pressure of clothes. Before storms. Trifles.
Amelioration: Rubbing. Motion. Heat, locally.
1929-12-26. Rx. Lachesis 200 one dose. Better in five days and in ten days entirely well.
Parkersburg, W. VA

Vithoulkas Expert System

Let George Vithoulkas help you solve your cases

What Is an Expert System?
An Expert System is a set of rules that reproduces the thinking of an expert in a given field. It not only recalls data with 100% accuracy, it also processes and evaluates that data according to the methods of the expert.

The Vithoulkas Expert System (VES) was created in collaboration with world-renowned master homeopath, George Vithoulkas [biography]. VES duplicates his unique thought process in symptom analysis and remedy selection, working with the Synthesis repertory in RADAR.

VES uses all the principles and understanding that George uses himself, and it does so every second the System is computing. But even more - the computer never gets tired of starting over and over again, and always maintains the same, total precision.

How does VES work?
The Vithoulkas Expert System interprets a homeopath's input to suggest which remedy questions should be asked, and it further orients their study of materia medica.

VES then arrives at just one, possibly surprising, result. That result takes into account ALL the patient's symptoms and is based on a consideration of ALL the remedies - whether they are the better known polychrests or a rare remedy which figures only once in a rubric.

Other programs, even those called an 'expert system', may present you with 10, 20, 30 or even more possible methods for choosing one remedy out of the 100 to 200 proposed.

But these programs do NOT tell you which method to use.

You still have 29 out of 30 chances of choosing the wrong one!

More about expert systems

Going Beyond Human Reasoning

Since the day of its release, VES has been used by hundreds of homeopaths in their day-to-day practice - and from the beginning it has received highly enthusiastic, and even astonished reactions. VES regularly finds real and unexpected cures, even in the most desperate cases.

Andrew Ward, RSHom

"As for the Vithoulkas Expert System, words fail to describe the instruction, learning, precision and results that it leads you to."

This astonishment is commonplace at Mr. Vithoulkas's seminars, where this first-ever homeopathic Expert System consistently demonstrates a high level of accuracy in its remedy suggestions.

In the year of its release, VES gave the correct answer in all cases at the August seminar in Alonissos. It astonished everybody by indicating Kreosotum, which cured the acute toothache of one of the people present.

VES correctly analyzed some extremely difficult cases - illnesses which had already been given several homeopathic remedies and allopathic medicines with no cure. There were times when the program produced suggestions that George had not thought of, and those suggestions proved correct.

No one present at these seminars could remain indifferent in the face of such overwhelming evidence. The word was out -- there is something powerfully different about this homeopathic program.

More Examples of Uncanny Analysis

How was VES created?

A preliminary but essential step for developing VES was the creation of the Synthesis Repertory - the basis of RADAR software. Working with a team of top homeopaths, the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Namur, Belgium spent seven years of painstaking work bringing Synthesis and RADAR to life.

The excellence of their results moved George to step into computerized case analysis and develop his Expert System, building it on RADAR as a base.

Over a period of two years, the team analyzed numerous cases using George Vithoulkas' years of experience with thousands of cured patients.

George Vithoulkas describes the process
"The team of homeopaths and software programmers started by taking a case of mine and asking why I prescribed remedy X and not Z, or T or M. I explained that certain points featured in the case more strongly than other points did.

"They wrote down what I said and then translated my thinking into mathematical formulas. This went on until we had created thousands of rules and sub-rules. Then we worked further to refine each rule until, it was as precise as it could possibly be."

Accurate - Beyond All Anticipation
In fact, the system is so powerful that George Vithoulkas uses it himself. By employing this invaluable tool, his own success in prescribing has increased from the 80% - 85% level to an astounding 90% - 95%.

"On numerous occasions I put the symptoms into the computer and VES will say: Why not consider remedy X?

And then something amazing happens inside my mind - as if lightning has struck. I realize that VES is finding possibilities I had not thought of.

When I investigate the program's suggestion, it turns out to be the simillimum!

I am extremely pleased with VES. It will help any practitioner in the case-taking and case analysis process. "

Further Comments from George Vithoulkas

Profound Flexibility
As a general rule, VES considers mind symptoms to be more important than local ones. But there are cases in which it may ignore such symptoms in favor of some prominent local keynotes. Many different principles and possibilities are used to decide when this particular decision is applied.

You don't have to pre-select particular symptoms before using the Expert System. The VES takes care of this itself by using ALL the symptoms and selecting the most appropriate rubrics.

Every time you add a new symptom, VES re-evaluates the whole case and gives you a full, completely new analysis.

Radar Modules
Radar Modules Sitemap
  1. Bönninghausen Method
    1. The Characteristic Value of Symptoms
    2. Seeing the Totality of Symptoms
    3. Symptoms by Analogy
  2. Concepts
  3. Families
  4. Giampietro
  5. Herscu Module
  6. Luc de Schepper Module
  7. The Kenbo Module
  8. Multimedia Features
  9. Sankaran Miasmatic
  10. Sherr Casetaker
  11. Vakil Module
  12. Vithoulkas Expert System

(CHIP - Computerized Homeopathic Information and Research Program)
Keep track of your patients WinCHIP, another unique feature of RADAR, is a revolutionary tool among homeopathic software programs.

This powerful patient database program helps you keep track of your patients, attach important personal information, consultations, posology, remedy reactions, repertorizations, etc. It will even print out your bills.

In addition to helping you keep track of your patients; WinCHIP is a powerful research tool that allows the practitioner to extract information based on a number of criteria or parameters. For example, you could find every patient in Albany, N.Y. between the ages of 18 and 24 to whom you have given Calcarea Carbonica.

See "How WinCHIP Can Help You Manage Your Practice" for a more complete description of this powerful research tool.

WinChip version 3
Version 3.01 of WinChip has been released end of June, 2006.
The major changes are:
  • access to CLIFICOL, the online database with cases from homeopaths worldwide
  • possibility to upload your own cases to CLIFICOL
  • a new user interface with a new look
  • updated research possibilities, including into CLIFICOL
  • a "congress mode" hiding the personal data while presenting a case
  • and many more new features and bug fixes
Repertory Program
Reference Library Program (E.H)
Win chip
Synthesis 9.1
Complete Basic
Murphy 3.0
Boenninghausen Rep
16 other Repertories
Vithoulkas Experts System
Prakash Vakil
Luc De Schepper
Jeremy Sherr
BBG Module 098
RADAR Concepts
Roger Morrison
Case Analysis
Case Analysis by Families
Extended Symptom Search
Disease Wise Symptom Selection
Materia Medica Repertorization
Live updates
No. of Book volumes